Nutrition & Keto

Hey all!!

So yesterday I bought 3 different books on clinical nutrition! I’m excited to start my studies and will try to teach myself as much as I can hold in my brain!

On Monday I re-started the Keto Diet. Although I don’t like calling it a diet because I am making it a lifestyle change. Today is day 5 of my lifestyle change and I feel more confident and positive about it this time than the last time I tried it.

Yummy Snack
My  yummy Keto snack from yesterday! 1 whole avocado and 2 slices of bacon.

I think a lot of it has to do with spring. I always forget how depressed I really do get in the winter until it rolls around. The winter blues are real and I’m glad to be thawing out.

I’ve been slacking on the yoga end… got back from vacation on Sunday and didn’t practice while on vacation. Did 10 minutes yesterday and I’m a little sore today LOL.

Thanks for reading my mini life update! I hope to teach something new to someone in my upcoming blog posts as I learn more about nutrition and the science behind it.

BBL, teaching my body and mind new tricks!!


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