Today is a good day because when I woke up I decided that I would make it a good day. I agreed with myself that I would make changes to my daily routine, or lack there of. Something I struggle with everyday is trying to stay positive. I find my thoughts drifting to the negative side of things and that makes me feel dull and angry. Some days are easier than others to have more positive thoughts and actions. I think a big thing for me is not having a routine at the moment. I wake up and go to bed each day and that’s about the only structure I have. Last night I made a list of daily goals I’d like to complete and so far today, I have completed a lot.


With weather FINALLY getting warmer I’ve made it a daily task to walk my dog for at least 20 minutes each day (weather permitting). Today I’ve already done that. We both benefit from it and feel good afterwards. It felt great to be in the sunshine again.

I’ve also decided to cut out social media in my mornings. As in I won’t get on Facebook or Instagram before noon.

I have accepted coffee into my mornings (and life) and I LOVE it. Placebo affect or not it helps me wake up and obviously gives me more energy in the morning to help me wake up and not be so cranky. So instead of Facebooking with my morning coffee I have decided to read a book! The book I am currently reading is Dracula by Bram Stoker.

I have also started a personal journal for the things I’m not comfortable enough yet in sharing with ‘the world’ or whoever sees my posts.

I added making my bed daily and clean up every morning to the list. As well as work on my blog daily. Maybe posting daily or just writing daily and making it kind of like my job to do so.

Making these changes (even though it’s only the first day) have helped my day have some sort of meaning and structure.


I still have yet to:

*Learn something new

*Drink 96oz – 1 gallon of water

*Have a cup of tea before bed

*Do something nice

*Stretch/ Yoga



I hope to keep moving in a positive direction, and hope rain or shine, good or bad day I keep this structure for my day. Until next time!

Yours humbly,




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