Decision & Reason

Long time, no blog.  I’d say I’ve been busy but that’s not entirely true… I’ve had the time just not the drive…

I started blogging for the wrong reason. I made the decision to blog but because it wasn’t for the right reason(s) it kind of fell through for me. I had heard you could make some extra money blogging so I jumped on the chance and when I wasn’t seeing results I gave up. I realize now that was a wrong reason.

I started this whole “fitness” journey in January and have since only gained weight.. I started it because I wanted to look good, like the women I see all over social media. But now I feel worse about myself. I need to do this for my health. And also to feel comfortable in my own skin. Two great reasons in my eyes to make a decision, so why haven’t I seen results?

Consistency and Discipline.

     A decision is nothing without reason and a goal without consistency is the same way, nothing. Kind of going back to my past blog post about goals, you have a have a plan. A plan comes from a decision you’ve made based off reasons you justified to being in the first place.

I used to believe everything happens for a reason, fate if you will. But I don’t think that anymore. I think the reason things happen are because of the decisions that we make.

I’ve been trying to impress people and get them o my side that I haven’t been on my own side. I’m going to continue blogging but as a way to voice my thoughts instead of keeping it all bottled up. I’ll blog about good days and bad. I guess it’s a good time to say that this is another “Day 1” for me. I rolled my eyes as I typed that. Here I go again deciding to start.. but I know I need consistency and discipline. I’ll need to make sacrifices and I’m open to the possibility of what could be. I need to make daily changes, whereas before I was doing the same old thing over and over hoping for results.

Decision: To become healthy and fit, to FOLLOW A PLAN to reach my goal!

Reason(s): Health, Confidence, Better lifestyle, Learn Discipline.

Thank you for listening.

Yours humbly,


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