Goals – Have Them!

Goals. A word so easily tossed around when one sees a picture of someone they’d aspire to be. There’s even “couple goals”. But most of the time the word is said and that’s it. No effort will be applied to reach a goal someone wants to have.

Why is it important to have goals anyway? I know what I want I’ll just work towards the end result. I’ve had that mentality for as long as I can remember. When I never really saw great results, in anything I’d want to do (fitness or things in everyday life) I got discouraged and upset and would throw myself a pity party for months at a time. I’d literally fall into a depression. I felt like a failure. I’d compare myself to others and ask myself why are they succeeding and not me?

One word: GOALS!

Set them! Have them! Worship them! Become them!

Make a vision board so you look at your goals everyday. Tell people about them to hold yourself accountable, or stay quiet and achieve in silence! Find someone who has the same goal(s) as you and help each other along the way. Say your goals out loud to yourself everyday in the mirror. No matter what your goals, set them. Set “mini-goals” to simplify the process. It’s easier to meet weekly goals that add up to your main goal than it is to just jump into a 6 month-long battle. Make a plan. Allot yourself time by making an appropriate schedule. Make deadlines, and MEET them. WORK at it. You can’t have goals without a process. Having a plan will help you stay on track. Tracking that plan will help you see improvements is also great for succeeding. I wasn’t setting any goals and I felt lost and seemed to be making minimal improvements.



Here’s an example:

“I want to be able to run a mile in under 12 minutes.”

  • Give yourself a time frame: 6 weeks.
  • Set weekly/ daily “mini goals”: Run everyday, time yourself at the end of each week.
  • Do things that will help you reach the main goal: Staying well rested, taking care of your health (which could be another set of goals) and have fun with it.
  • Reward yourself when you improve: Go see that movie you’ve been meaning to see, buy that book you’ve wanted to read, treat yourself to a nice hot bath. Celebrate every small victory! A victory is a victory no matter how small!

Then ask yourself why? Why do you want to reach the goal(s) you have? Doing it for the wrong reasons can hinder the process. The answer to why should always sound selfish. If it’s not for you then why are you doing it?

Don’t be afraid of failure. No matter what the goals, sometimes we fail. We’re human. Everyone fails, but not everyone tries again! So make mistakes and enjoy each step of the way! Makes goals more than just a word.

Yours humbly,



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