10 Things You Can Do Today to Begin a Happier Life!

I’m always looking for little changes I can make to make my life just a little bit easier and a little bit happier! Some days I find it harder to stay on the positive side of things. Know you’re not alone with those clouds that loom over you. The healthier I am the happier I feel too. From taking the stairs more often and drinking more water, the little things do really add up. They add up and add more hours, days and years to your magnificent life. Here are 10 simple things you can do today to kick start your best life yet!

  1. Grab a bottle or glass of water, and drink the whole thing while reading the rest of this list.
  2. Each time you look in the mirror give yourself one compliment. Out loud. I want to be able to hear you! Be proud.
  3. Listen to your favorite song. Never take for granted the healing power of a good song. If you don’t have a favorite here are a few of mine:   (Artist // Song Title)
      • KC and the Sunshine Band // Boogie Shoes
      • 311 // Amber
      • Dirty Heads // Oxygen
      • Lenny Kravitz // Fly Away
      • Tears for Fears // Everybody Want to Rule the World
  4. Buy a salt scrub, mud mask and a great smelling candle (like vanilla or lavender) and treat yourself to a mini spa day in your own tub! Put a do not disturb sign on the door and lock it! You’ll be out ‘soon’. *Bubble baths strongly encouraged*
  5. Take a little cat nap! Sleep really is the cure all. If you’re like me and seem to be “too busy” for naps try heading to bed a little earlier. Put your phone down at least an hour before you actually lay down. Read a book in bed instead.
  6. Do something NOT on your to-do list. The less important the better! Like go to the mall and window shop, or catch a movie by yourself and buy the biggest popcorn you can get your hands on.
  7. Tap into your inner child and buy a game or coloring book. A bottle of wine between friends and a board game sounds like a perfect night to me.
  8. Take your shoes off, walk outside, plant your feet on the grass and look up at the sky. I hope it’s a nice day out but no matter the weather do it! It always humbles me to see the enormity of the planet we live on and calms me down. Take a few deep breaths in and if you can, let out a loud scream! You’ll feel lighter I promise.
  9. Set a goal you’ve been putting off. Get motivated! Get insanely excited about it and start your journey today! Let’s all share a DAY 1. My goal will be to finally start reading that big pile of books I’ve bought but not touched. After I’m writing this blog entry I promise to read at least one chapter! Commit commit commit!!
  10. However you’re reading this list (phone or computer) when you’re done, put it down. Walk away. Don’t go back to them for the rest of the day. Have a disconnected rest of the day. Unplug yourself from the online world and decompress. Stretch and align your chakras. Dance to music like you’re in a music video. Have fun today!

I sincerely hope you take this list to heart. I want you all to feel as amazing as you are! Thank you so much for taking the time to read! Until next time lovelies!

Yours humbly,



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