Bumps in the Road

I’ve been on this fitness journey since the middle of January and to say it’s been smooth sailing would be a total lie. I almost struggle everyday. I struggle with my body image and slow progress. I struggle with food cravings. I struggle with my mental health as well. No one said this was going to be easy and that was one thing that made me excited for this. But it’s a long road and sometimes it’s hard to stay on track.


Just today at the gym, I didn’t push myself hard enough because I got in my own head and discouraged that I wasn’t where I want to be yet. But instead of coming home and stress eating or grabbing a beer from the fridge I pooped chicken in the oven, cooked rice and ground turkey and meal prepped for the week. People say abs are made in the kitchen so if I can’t focus at the gym all the time I need to shine somewhere else.

Of course I let myself make mistakes and allow a cheat day/meal, I’m only human. But it’s nothing like how I used to be. Where before I had decided enough was enough, if I had a cheat meal I’d fall off the band wagon and have to start the process all over again with ANOTHER day one. But by not being so hard and strict on myself I find it’s easier to work towards my goals.

I was always about quick results and when I didn’t get them I’d give up. That was before I knew anything about a healthy physically active lifestyle. I’m not saying I’m a fitness genius but I do learn something new everyday and I apply what I know to things I do everyday and the process becomes easier and more fun!


So here’s to the journey! The months in the past and the months to come! I’m not looking forward to my results but rather the journey that will get me there 🙂

Yours humbly,



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